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  • Laceup Hair Bands

    Ginger Peach

    7.90  5.53 
  • Notabag

    Hello World Red

    29.95  23.96 
  • Curator Socks

    Birth of Venus

    12.80  10.24 
  • Pop Sockets

    Metallic Diamond Black 2.gen

    19.99  15.99 
  • Stereo Socks

    Californian Chilli

    10.80  8.64 
  • Cups

    Party Animal 532 ml

    37.90  30.32 
  • Ambient Fragrances

    Dream Catcher

    4.50  3.60 
  • Mittske Handwarmers

    Creative Face

    39.90  31.92 
  • Leather Bracelets


    25.90  18.13 
  • Art Collection

    Degas – Dancer Tilting

    9.95  7.96 


Notabag is the smart combination of a bag and a backpack. It transforms with a single pull on the straps, so you can put it on your back and free your hands. Inside the bag, there is an attached pocket where you can keep your wallet or your keys. When the bag is not in use, it folds into that pocket and becomes a hand-sized pouch. This sleek, eco-friendly and waterproof tote changes the rules, adapting to everyday life; practical and flexible like no other.  Winner of multiple design awards in Germany.