This is more than a story of designers and creators of this website. Popermint is not just our project, it’s our lifestyle. Popermint is a synonym for everything we are passionate about.
Can you imagine your life without accessories? Those tiny little details that spark creativity and individuality and that determine your personal style? We can’t!
That’s why we created Popermint – one stop shop with carefully curated range of accessories that will brighten your day and add that final touch to your unique style. We are constantly in a lookout for new ideas, products and brands to add to Popermint family.
Happy shopping,
your Popermint team

Popermint is managed by:
Digitz d.o.o., Levstikov trg 4a, Ljubljana, Slovenia
T: +386 1 600 62 90, M: + 386 41 369 758