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And suddenly one day you wake up and the mirror tells you, who is the most beautiful in the world? And your self-esteem goes up and up into the stratosphere and you think… today is going to be a great day! GREEN TEA & LIME Fresh fragrance, powerful and vital for perfect days. From the excellent combination of green tea and lime comes this unique, different and brilliant aroma.

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Olfactory family: citrus and oriental.

Top notes: lavender, eucalyptus, lemon and mint leaves.
Middle notes: tangerine oil, litsea, green tea leaves and ozone notes.
Base notes: amber tail.


The fragrances are divided into olfactory groups consisting of top, middle and bottom fragrance notes.
The top notes of a fragrance are recognised immediately upon application of the perfume. These are sweet or fruity scents that dissipate quickly. The middle notes are those in which the character of the fragrance is hidden. They are considered to be the heart of a fragrance. These are floral, woody, spicy and fruity scents. The base notes are the deepest scents and provide the lasting impression. These are the scents of vanilla, sandalwood and wood and are the last to appear.

The product may produce an allergic reaction. In the case of skin contact, wash with water and soap and rinse thoroughly. If skin irritation or a rash occurs, seek medical attention. Dispose of in mixed waste after use. Do not dispose of the product in the environment or in natural water.

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