Go With the Flow 500 ml


Chilly’s thermo bottles are your everyday colorful companions that will keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours and warm for up to 12 hours. They are made of stainless steel and have double insulation. The screw cap ensures 100% impermeability, and the non-slip silicone bottom provides greater stability of the bottle. They also feature special antimicrobial technology that reduces the accumulation of microbes by as much as 99.9%.
Packed in attractive gift packaging.

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• Stainless steel
• BioCote® germ-free technology
• Not suitable for washing in a washing machine
• Not suitable for microwave and freezer use

Before the first use, wash thoroughly with hot water and soap.

Do not fill with liquids with a temperature above 90 degrees Celsius.

Be careful not to overtighten the movable bottle neck or stopper.

Ensure that the movable neck is attached to the bottle before filling with liquid.

Be careful when using a hot beverage bottle. The liquid can maintain a high temperature for several hours.

Never shake the bottle when it is filled with hot liquid.

After use, disassemble the bottle and wash all parts by hand. Use hot water with soap or baking soda for thorough cleaning.

Regularly clean all the parts of the bottle.

Do not leave organic products such as milk or orange juice in the bottle overnight due to the risk of spoilage and pressure build-up inside the bottle and damage to the bottle and stopper.

The bottle is not suitable for use in the microwave, freezer or dishwasher.

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