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PopSockets phone and tablet grip for independent support of your device. Now you can Write messages with one hand, take a perfect selfie and watch your favourite videos handsfree.

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Interchangeable/easy to swap from one device to another.
Easily removed and placed onto a different device.
The sticky part fits most devices.
Can be attached directly to a device or case (do not use with silicone or waterproof cases).
Compatible with most mounts available.


The round part can be easily replaced with different colours and designs.
Allows wireless charging.


PopTop removable top is compatible only with PopSockets 2nd generation grips, that allow removable part replacement (PopTop). A grip must be attached to your device before assembling? a PopTop.


PopSockets mount for hands-free use.

Only mountable with PopSocket holder.

Mount can be fixed to almost any vertical surface – glass, mirror, dashboard, bed frame, refrigerator, wall, kitchen cabinet (more fun while cooking and keeping up with the recipe OR no more greasy fingerprints on your screen), exercise bike, bathroom mirror (beauty tutorials)…



Best to fix on a smooth and hard surfaces. Do not use on silicone and rough surfaces or soft cases. Use enclosed round foil to attach the PopSockets grip to a glass surface. Simply fix it directly to a phone surface and attach the PopSocket afterwards.


To remove the PopTop fold your PopSockets and turn for 90 degrees. When it detaches you hear a click. Carefully place the new PopTop on the grip and turn for 90 degrees.


Clean the surface with ethanol and let it dry before attaching the mount. Remove the protection sheet from 3M VHB pad. Do not touch the pad. Attach the stand to the surface and let it rest for 8 hours so the pad can effectively stick to the surface. Additional 3M VHB pad is enclosed if you later wish to reposition the mount.

PopSockets – an accessory you simply must have 😉
PopSockets extends and improves the usability of your mobile device 🍜
Position of PopSockets mount we can change anytime ⚡
PopSockets mount installation for iPhone 8 or iPhone X 🔧
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