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Satin-feel laces will refresh your foot wear with a pop colour and elegance. vivid/bright colours will transform you favourite sneakers into a unique fashion piece, even for a formal occasion.

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110 cm130 cm150 cm90 cm
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Width of the shoelaces: 16 mm.

Silky to the touch.

PVC ends for easier insertion.

Don’t untie?

Packaged in a test tube with aluminium cap.

Made of 100 % polyester for greater durability and easy maintenance.

Care: machine washing at 40 degrees Celsius.


Before ordering measure the original laces on your footwear. For basic orientation see guidelines below. The precise lace length depends on the eyelet distance.

90 cm – low footwear, up to 5 eyelets: oxford shoes, sneakers with shorter laces.

110 cm – classic sneakers, up to 7 eyelets: most women classic sneakers, i.e. New Balance, Superga.

130 cm – sneakers with 6 to 10 eyelets: high top Converse All Stars*, Adidas Superstar/Stan Smith etc. Suitable also for sandals which are tied around the ankle.

150 cm – high footwear with 11 to 14 eyelets: Doc Martens boots, winter boots, high top All Stars (size 39 and up). Suitable also for sandals which are tied around the ankle or the knee.

*For high-top All stars with wide laces (25 mm), we recommend 150 cm for all sizes.

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